We met at crossroads
Depressed and confused
Seeking help, offering help
Willingly to one another

Worries were our companions then
But today we have some one to share
Some sensitive soul to share agony
Some strong shoulder to seek comfort

Yet another fact of life
Meeting the right people at a wrong time
It’s prudent to make the best
Of what’s bestowed on us

True love is like a rainbow at times
At times like a mirage
It’s very much true, not an illusion
Yet it eludes everyone

It was only lord who brought us face to face
Its up to him to lead us if we are in dark
Aren’t we merely pawns?
In this game of life

We will never be at crossroads alone
Never as depressed or confused
The world is not lonely any longer
For help will come by itself

Even before you feel the pain
And even before you could hear your whisper
Because I rest in your heart
Like a true friend

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V Pradeep Kumar

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