True Love

A novel, which distinguishes itself from scores of love stories:

  • Sensitively depicting the emotional saga and conflict between two educated and modern individuals brought up in a traditional society.
  • Highlighting the dangers of continued trends in the failure of marriages and relationships particularly in the western societies and its impact in the eastern societies.
  • Discussing and bringing out some of the reasons for the failure of marriages in the west as compared to the stability of marriages in the east.
    Presenting a role model of a love story and highlighting that ‘To love is not to possess, but to serve’.

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Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery is a major novel and just completed. It is a story of a woman in search of solitude and deals with complex issues in the background of various religious philosophies. The tag line, “Four religions, three nations, two people and one belief” symbolizes the theme of the novel.

The project is just completed and publishing enquiries are solicited at