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Last year in the middle of the pandemic, an e-commerce company was running through a huge project and needed as many people as possible with basic skills of translation from English to Indian languages. I passed on the query to many students including Anil. Working tirelessly from morning till night, seven days a week for four months, Anil earned a few lakhs, apart from the satisfaction of completing a rewarding project. The opportunities in the ‘earn while you learn’ has radically expanded in the last few years, especially in the language and content development areas. Therefore, part-time jobs as you study in a college or university is becoming popular in India, with a plethora of new opportunities, apart from some traditional sectors.

Why should you do a part-time job?
  • As a student you live in your own world oblivious to a life outside the academic world. A part-time job opens up a new world preparing you for your professional career ahead.
  • Education having become more a business, is expensive with varying levels of costs, depending on the course/institute you choose. A part-time job reduces the burden on the family.
  • The excitement of earning while learning can do wonders to your self-confidence, as you imbibe a higher level of discipline, responsibility, time management etc., adding immense value to your budding personality.
What is the kind of Jobs?

It’s important that you have an idea of what career you like to pursue after your academics and choose a part-time job accordingly in a similar line.

Evaluate the following opportunities and consider what’s suitable for you.

  1. Content development for websites, blogs, videos: If you are passionate about writing and have strong command on language, choose this line in great demand currently, which can be done from the comfort of home. Apart from writing original content, opportunities exist for digitizing existing content too. Such assignments are highly satisfying and financially rewarding too.
  2. Language and translation services: Another related area which is in great demand is translation, transcription, voiceovers, subtitling etc. If you are strong in language with an eye for details, choose this line.
  3. Database management: Customer data is extensively used by companies to market their products and hence, creating new data and updating existing data has been a major source of jobs for students, since long. Typically, you may need to call a customer and validate the data.
  4. CRM related services: This involves working on loyalty programs, getting customer feedback, focusing customer segments etc.
  5. Retailing and market research: Marketing activities like new product launches, promotions, sampling etc., need a thrust of activities requiring lot of resources in a short span of time. The companies prefer recruiting students to assist in these activities.
  6. Hospitality: Restaurants and cafes have always been a traditional source of part-time jobs for students and the opportunities have only increased due to changed life-style, and plenty of Quick Service Restaurants.
  7. Events and exhibitions: The importance of events and exhibitions in marketing products and services has only increased in recent years. There are many part-time roles available like managing ticketing and seating visitors, welcoming and managing guests, overseeing arrangements etc.
  8. Media: Media proliferation in print, electronic and online has increased and with it, opportunities for students, as they represent the community generally targeted by media to propagate the business.
  9. Teaching: Apart from being a noble profession and a way to sharpen your knowledge and skills, teaching younger students is financially rewarding and indeed one of the best part-time jobs.
  10. Corporate assignments: Whether it’s brick and mortar offices or the new norm WFM culture, opportunities to assist businesses continue to keep coming up. It could just be a job for few days to strengthen an existing team or a summer internship, working for an organization helps you to prepare for a lucrative career.

Imagine, a part time job can get you anywhere from ₹ 10000/- to ₹ 40000/- per month. While talent-based scholarships motivate you to do well academically, earning while you learn enhances your self-confidence and independence. Therefore, get into this fascinating world and prepare yourself for a flourishing career.

(The author is a management and career consultant based at Bengaluru)

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    All the information provided is very useful. how to get part time jobs whether we should go to them or are there any online platforms to get them. can you guide me .

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