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It is said that speech as a form of communication is about 50,000 years old and writing, about 10,000 years. But thinking is probably as old as mankind.

We often hear that talent is inborn. I have seen people with such inborn talents. However, I belong to that school of thought, where we can achieve what we want, with dedication and practice. I wasn’t born with any special talent or flair for writing. But I discovered writing as a means of self-expression, and putting ‘thoughts’ into ‘words’ gives me immense self-satisfaction.

My writings – Simple is difficult

Simple is difficult is my first book and has rich content, suitable for students seeking career opportunities and junior and middle management staff. The book is now available on the stands being distributed by India book house pvt ltd. For copies contact, info@ibhworld.com or refer http://www.ibhworld.com/contact.htm

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My writings – Novels

True Love

The novel True Love is a fiction but was inspired by a real incident and was conceptualized to suit the medium of expression. It took me a few years to complete the novel [24 chapters and about 350 pages] despite a self-imposed target of atleast an hour before the PC everyday. My obsession with True Love, knew no limits, as I ended up writing anywhere, whenever I was free which included taxis, flights, trains, hotel rooms and lobbies and airports. I am glad to have received wide spread acclaim from the readers of manuscript, which according to many has potential for other commercial applications, other than just publishing. I hope their wishes come true.


Voyage of Discovery

Voyage of Discovery, is a major novel and just completed. It is a story of a woman in search of solitude and deals with complex issues in the background of various religious philosophies. The tag line, “Four religions, three nations, two people and one belief” symbolizes the theme of the novel.

Apart from these two novels, my major writings have been articles on Leadership, Management, Marketing, HR and current affairs, published in Deccan Herald. These articles are available on this site. Also a collection of these articles ‘Simple is difficult’ is being brought out shortly.

Apart from these, I have also dabbled in poetry and travelogue, the samples of which are available in this site including a song, ‘Namma Preeti’. Please click the respective links and wish you a happy experience.

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